MAK NYONYA is proud to present - simplicity in cooking, convenient and healthy in collections of Asian ethnic sauces. It is the most relaxing way to prepare an easy-to-cook delicious meal to fill up your family members.

MAK NYONYA started with a grandmother’s love that was always busy in the kitchen cooking for the entire family. Day and night she devoted herself to prepare warm and delicious meals to her only son, daughter in-law and grandchildren. When grandmother deceased, all she left behind was her loving and passion of food to all her grandchildren. Her home cooked taste and flavour was never been forgotten by the family.
Grandmother’s unwritten home cooked recipes were missed by all. It led to the inspiration of finding these unwritten recipes. Thought of replicating grandmother’s recipes grew stronger day after day. A grandchild, by trial & error, repeated and tested beyond imagination, finally succeed the realization of his grandmother’s home cooked taste and flavour.
This is how MAK NYONYA began…
Today, MAK NYONYA is certified with ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP and HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia. The products are widely distributed in Malaysia via supply chains of multinational hypermarket, supermarkets, grocery stores, mini marts, hotels and food service.
MAK NYONYA distribution is extended to overseas and renowned across the great oceans and continents. Our international partners continue growing each year as compliments from overseas are undoubtedly well received for MAK NYONYA’s authentic tastes and flavours.